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Whether you are an art collector or not, you probably wouldn’t mind a beautiful painting hanging on your bedroom wall. Any well-made painting makes a great addition to your home and life. You might already acknowledge the amazing effect of paintings and have bought many for your collection. But it’s not uncommon that a painting that goes well with your house is failing to connect with you, and you might be looking for something personal for your next artwork.

If you had this issue in the past, you had to go through the works of different artists in numerous stores to find something of your interest remotely. But the world is different now, and today’s incredible artists have a solution for you. You can find the best-commissioned artist in your town, like Michael Todd, who would take your simple photos and turn them into lifelike commissioned pencil portraits. A commissioned artwork meets many purposes that any art lover would appreciate.

  • It makes the artwork personal.

Any artwork ever created comes from a personal place of the incredible artist’s heart. But you get to share that closeness with the artwork when you get a commissioned portrait. The best-commissioned portraits artist works with the photo of you or someone you love and incorporates every picture attribute in the piece you receive.

  • You can modify the photo through it.

Many beautiful moments you have captured through your camera have resulted in numerous great photos. But there could be a detail you wish you could add or get rid of from the photo. When you commission a portrait, you can tell the artist about that detail, and they will gladly add or remove it, providing you the version you like.

  • It would make a great gift.

You will feel delighted to receive a commissioned pencil portrait of yourself on your birthday. So, you can share that emotion with someone you love by gifting people a portrait made from a cherished memory of you both, and they will love it how you would.

When you look for commissioned artwork for sale online, always choose someone like Michael Todd to have amazing portraits in your collection. The artist’s experience with different forms of painting has given them the talent to be the best-commissioned artist in town. Every artwork you request from them would have the same level of amazing efforts put into it, and each one of them would be aesthetically pleasing. So, try out a portrait for your home, made by the best-commissioned portrait artist, and give it the personal touch you were longing for.

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