Virtual Digital Room


It’s perfectly understandable to actually try and envision how a painting might appear on your room wall. I know I wouldn’t want to get it delivered, put it up and not like it, then have to be concerned with repackaging and returning it! NO! So I say – let’s do it! Let’s work together! Just simply take a photo of the wall(s) where you’re contemplating hanging the art and send the photo(s) to me in an email and I’ll apply it digitally into your photo(s)…as shown in the examples below. Also, importantly, tell me the appx. size you’re considering.

All I ask is that you take your photo at 90 degrees (perpendicular) from your wall. Then send it to me in an email along with the particular art you want to see and I’ll get to work on it. NO charge whatsoever!

I will even go so far as to perform this with another artist’s work. Again, NO charge. I’m here to help and in this regard I can help two people at the same time! Cool!