A little bit about the artist:

Whether he is back packing through a jungle, diving a coral reef, camping in the snow at 14,000 feet, engineering a tree house to build in BELIZE, drafting a new furniture design, or creating some work of art… Mike lives that which he does passionately.  He loves what he does and does what he loves although it wasn’t always this way. You can trust him when he says that he’s been through a lot… just like you!

He’s been rightly accused of being “SO Serious”.  To a fault, maybe. But he does relish a good laugh and enjoys the simple things that are precious to him. The ever changing skies, a new born infant, a loving touch, acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.

Mikes life includes having become an accomplished craftsman, playing different musical instruments, writing, engineering, designing, manufacturing, inventing, building, being a father, business owner, adventurer and a traveler.

He’s spent much of the last decade devoted to creating ART – drawing and painting.

Many have used the words “gifted”, and “talented” a few “savant” to describe him regarding the artwork he’s created. He will humbly agree, but only to a very minor degree.  He says “the only true claim to receiving and possessing any real gift is that of having a PASSION to create, advance and better himself and his work in any chosen endeavor.”

“Perhaps what we call perfection in art is no more than the passion or finding in a human work that certainty of execution, that inner necessity, that indissoluble, reciprocal union between design and matter, which I find in practice, perseverance, and dedication.”

He hopes that you’ll commission him to create either a portrait of your someone special or that ART you have always seen in your mind but just needed to have it created.


“Thank you very much for viewing my work. I hope what I have to offer, you’ll find appealing enough to be worthy of display in your home and/or office.” Remember, I’m honest and dedicated to having my customers SATISFIED with how they just spent their hard earned dollars!