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I create visual art in all mediums, in numerous genres and on many material surfaces. Contact me for a portrait commission, to create a digital graphic design and beyond. Purchase my Art at any of the 4 sites shown below OR FROM THE 'BUY NOW' DROP DOWN MENUS

To assure your shopping experience is perfect including a “Satisfaction Guarantee” I use brick and mortar fulfillment companies —  THEY PRINT on demand, PACKAGE, AND SHIP TO YOU DIRECT!  With these companies you will be able to order my work on a variety of items such as clothing and stationary, or just frame and mat your favorite piece to your desire.  EXAMPLE: Redbubble (1 of the 4 listed below) offers over 70 different items that they print on.  Click on the links below and have a look. See for yourself – all the awesome options. 

Call me @ 754-707-9572 or email me by clicking the word “contact” above the video or through any of the numerous forms around the site with any questions. I try and return messages in 48 hours.

A little bit about me  

My life includes becoming an accomplished craftsman, playing different musical instruments, writing, engineering, designing, manufacturing, inventing, building, being a father, business owner, adventurer and a traveler. 

I have spent much of the last decade devoted to creating ART – drawing and painting. 

Many have used the words “gifted”, and “talented” a few “savant” to describe me regarding the artwork I’v created.  I humbly agree only to a very minor degree. The only true claim to receiving and possessing any real gift is that of having PASSION to create, advance and better myself and my work in any chosen endeavor.

Perhaps what we call perfection in art is no more than the passion or finding in a human work that certainty of execution, that inner necessity, that indissoluble, reciprocal union between design and matter, which I find in practice, perseverance, and dedication.

I hope that you’ll commission me to create either a portrait of your someone special or that ART you have always seen in your mind but just needed to have it created. Thank you very much for viewing my work. I hope what I have to offer, you’ll find appealing enough to be worthy of display in your home and/or office.



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Have a question or a comment on how to get your commissioned portrait started? Send me an email and let’s talk.