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How to order Prints

I use different “Print on Demand sites” that offer my Art in an array of forms. You can purchase ‘Original’ works and/or prints of anything you see on this website, either framed or unframed, small to large, photo paper prints, canvas prints etc. MANY options!   Listed below are the sites that I’m referring to: 

If you wish to discuss anything whatsoever about my work please email.  My email address is on the home page at the top of the page along with an email contact button at the bottom of the HOME page. TYVM!


 I have developed techniques of inducing specific design illuminations with atypical color accentuation’s, setting unusual contrasting hues to develop stunning highlighting contrasts and color saturation’s.

ENJOY these images digitally embellished and please be sure to check out my other paintings, drawings and other services here on the site.


     If you send me a “subject” that you have a particular liking for I can produce one in this style and show it to you before you pay anything. Email me for further details.