MICHAEL TODD Freelance Artist

       This self taught artist is driven by an unrelenting PASSION which manifests into adamant intensity to create and achieve.   An intensity with a history applied to his numerous loved endeavors, past and present. “It’s through my core-self, my soul, from which all my creative spirit originates and so flows outward into my God given domain of infinity.”

Well traveled and read this Chicago Illinois native has a lifetime of creative accomplishments ranging from U.S. Patents, to degrees and certifications in fields of steel technologies, cabinetry/furniture design & manufacturing, engineering and the visual arts.

If he’s not in front of an easel painting or drawing his latest series you might find him scuba diving, cooking, traveling or planning his next adventure. Although his days of backpacking through jungles, camping in the snow at 14,000 ft. are but memories of youth the fire to experience life’s infinite possibilities, continue to emanate from his soul.

A devote Christian, Michael lives in the light of Christ giving all credit to him for his profound and unwavering spirituality. One that has completed him.

Artistic tendencies has influenced many of his endeavors either in a direct way as it is now or indirectly as they were applied while in his two lifetime careers. He says “Art is not a thing, it’s a way”.

Now retired, Michael is planning his newest adventure to Belize, to explore, dive and create further art.

As new influences arise in his life he has every intention of capturing their essence through his art just as he did inthe mountains and now in his city home in Key West, Florida.