Sept. 2018

You weren’t really expecting to see me in the buff, were you? Kidding, of course you weren’t LOL ….no this is about my raw thoughts and whatnots…travel log to a degree, story writing, different things. It will be however a NO fly zone for politics or religion.  Spirituality and art ONLY! 

Another New Beginning

It was decided for me by the universe. This is my fate. Happy. Wow…  communing/communicating through my soul to begin this new page on this site right before I strike out for a new town up near the Mehico border.

Stop and think about this for one moment….we all are perpetually by design beginning and ending something ….’simultaneously’. The first chapter of “Double Vision” (my first novel) is titled “The Begending” .


This shaman I digitally painted in August of 2018 while staying in Placencia, Belize, is interesting from the spiritual perspectives I’ve undergone. I’m now 4 days into this  quantum leap experience and I believe that this painting played an integral role somehow, ever so small maybe, but still of some unknown significance.  A factor in this experience occurring within me.  Small or not.  I think it was shown to me and said to me to paint him at exactly the right time given my life as it was, which was good, but now it’s even  better.  If I need to find something it finds me. 

There’s other examples of how I’m now into another dimension. Maybe I’ll blog them as I go on. This is just the start 

I’m sharp as a new tack. Everything is beautiful, even all that which can be called common’ I’m viewing differently.  Deeper. FASCINATING!

Eating a weed.

I THINK I HAVE A VERY REASONABLE AND LOGICAL WAY OF EXPLAINING THIS QUANTUM LEAP THAT I’V BEEN POSTING ABOUT. I feel 20 years younger! My brain chemistry is now enhanced with Omega 3s and a ton of other significant nutrients from a weed.


I’V BEEN EATING A WEED. No not that weed but this weed purslane with its Omega 3s and all the other significant nutrients it contains. And it grows everywhere here. You can just walk along a path and snatch a handful …….after washing munch it up.


It doesn’t taste like much actually. Certainly not repulsive. Kinda crunchy really and bland. Has a nice mild after taste.


Here’s how it went down.


I stopped over to see a good friend of mine named Edwin – a 43 year old Jamaican rasta who sells beautiful wood carvings of all sorts of things has a store here in Placencia and we as artists became good friends.


Last week I was there in his backyard when he introduced me to Purslane. I indulged in the weed for two days. Didn’t feel any significant effect. Not until about 4 days ago that I think my brain chemistry changed because of the input of all the Omega 3s and the other high potency nutrients.


I know we were meant to meet and he was to introduce me to this powerful weed. So the spiritual connection with this new me is stronger than ever.


Now can I say with 100% certainty that this plant this weed is the reason I’m feeling so elevated so well, so sharp mentally, so uplifted….no, I can’t. But it makes sense. The brain chemistry is a vast subject but one thing for sure is it needs Omega fatty acids.

BRAIN CHEMISTRY IS RESPONSIBLE for GENIUS as well as MADNESS.  I know this: mine is sharp.  &  I feel as though my internal organs are working better.



I need to get off the weed….NO no i mean I need to get off the SUBJECT lol of the weed. Just for a little while. 

I spoke of brain chemistry and how it’s responsible for both genius and madness.  Saying that made me consider this painting I did. Question:  is she on the verge of madness or is she already there…MAD.  

I’v been traveling since 2012. Spent 2 1/2 years in Key west … traveling again. 

I’v adopted this song as my theme song. 



Ya wanna know what I’ve been doing these last almost 4 months…I’ll tell ya. Here. 

Belize is magical. It’s stunningly beautiful. Many claim it to be a spiritual vortex…I’m in agreement. Bad things happen to good people and I had a couple of those bad things happen while here but so what?  It’s been 90% + whatever GREAT!  

ME BEING HERE, having my life changed so dramatically, designing a tree house, creating art,enjoying the water immensely, the land equally so. I wake everyday in an enchanting magical land. I kid u not! 




Sept. 9 2018

I do honestly believe that after many many years of self-educating [ongoing] and innumerous life experiences…my Chakras** are synching. Maybe just the beginning of the cycle””hope so. Each operating at a high level. All the factors that play into this equation I do not know. Probably never will, never was intended. If I did, then there’d be no mystery And life must have mysteries.  

They are believed to be embedded within the actual physical body, whilst also originating within the context of mental and spiritual fields, or complexes of electromagnetic variety, the precise degree and variety of which directly arise from a synthetic average of all positive and negative so-called “fields”, this eventuating the complex Nadi. Within kundalini yoga breath exercises, visualizations, mudras, bandhas, kriyas, and mantras are focused on transmuting subtle energy through “chakras”.




Alright, here’s where I’m at with my Noni connection.  Noni Turner. And Noni, btw, is sounded with a long ‘O’. 

The short and sweet is “I’v fallen in Love with her”.  It’s also reciprocal/shared.

So…. DAMN!  Really? Honestly? Now? WOW!  huh

Here’s the lead in to her and I connecting but connecting in a way that is almost “Over the top…unreal but so ever real”….sureal?….. when one considers our lives as they are with our ambitions, and our mutuality of minds and spirits. Twin flames it would seem.

We each live in the 4th dimension.  What are the chances? of two people finding there apparent twin flame?  I don’t know if it’s even sumisable.  But whatever that figure might be it was just adjusted up due her and I.

What makes this encounter even more fascinating is that it comes to me like so much else is coming to me these recent days. Out of the blue. I’v already been in a state of awe given my supposed ongoing Kundalini experience and now I’v actually quite possibly met the woman of my dreams? That’s a great big hmmmmmm/really, right now.  But it’s real and I’m basically speechless.